Sam came to our family home after making contact with my wife, through work and after a few emails were passed between Sam and I.

It was the first time I had met Sam face-to-face and I found her to be a very positive person and easy to talk to from the outset. After a cup of tea and a catch up with my wife Sam and I moved into my music room, a nice quiet comfortable space in our house. Sam’s instructions were clear and precise, all I had to do was follow her voice, relax and, in my opinion, enjoy the chance just to relax.

Initially the breathing exercises were easy to follow and I soon entered the nice warm space as Sam guided me through the process with the aim to enable me to quit smoking.

I have given up many times before and usually restart within 3 weeks, although the longest I quit was 3 years. I have always had the urge to want to start again even throughout my longest quit. I have smoked probably for 30 plus years.

During my relaxation Sam took me to my good place in my mind and then at some point to a darker place and described a possible smoking future, I was quite shocked at how emotional this was. Finally she talked me back up and into full consciousness. I say full consciousness because I was fully aware throughout and I feel there is a difference.

I entered into this with an open mind, I wanted to give up smoking and I wanted to give this method a fair try. Without an open mind and without allowing one’s self to be guided, which could be unnerving if Sam were not as calm and open as she is, I think I would still be smoking.

I can honestly say I have not had a craving for a cigarette, I don’t believe I have had such bad mood swings as previously and I hand on heart do not want to ever smoke again.

To anyone who truly wants to give up but just needs that crutch to help them on their way, enter this with a completely open mind, allow yourself to be guided, put aside any scepticism and enjoy the freedom you have without a packet of fags in your pocket!

Sam I cannot thank you enough for your time and knowledge, I would recommend you to any one who asks.